Guarantee time for orders

Thanks to our unique worldwide marketplace, we can deliver to the addressee within hours anywhere in the world! Due to the various time zones and public business hours in individual countries, same day delivery on the date of your order can only be guaranteed under the following conditions:

Your order will be delivered during opening hours of the flower shop executing the order.

We do not have any delivery time guarantee, unless for funerals and weddings.

Only delivery time for funerals and weddings can be guaranteed. The sender is therefore requested to give the time of delivery, as accurately as possible, in the “Additional information” field of the order form.

Доставка на свадьбу и похороны гарантируется точно ко времени проведения церемонии.

В России и многих других странах время доставки согласуется с получателем по предварительному телефонному звонку, и доставка осуществляется с учетом его пожеланий.

In Russia and some other countries delivery is only carried out after it is confirmed with recipient by phone and delivery time is set up according recipient's wish.

The acceptance of your order can be seen individually depending upon receiving country under holidays and office hours.

We cannot guarantee deliveries on Saturday afternoons or on Sundays and public holidays in most of the countries.

Delivery in Russia and CIS countries on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and holidays can be arranged in case the order is placed during our office opening hours one day before delivery date.


Deliveries guaranteed for a fixed time can only be executed with the prior agreement of our customer service department and are subject to the possibility of the flower shop.

We require desired delivery time details (morning / afternoon / evening) at least 48 hours before the delivery date.